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“1:1 Supplementary Lesson for North Korean defector students”


In 2019, the number of North Korean defectors entering South Korea reached over 33,500. The number of students attending primary school, middle school, and high school is around 2,500. The number of students attending university or receiving higher education has been estimated to be over 1,000.

According to research from the Korean Educational Development Institute, the drop-out rate for North Korean teenage defectors in 2008 are as follows: 3.5% in elementary school, 12.9% in middle school, 28.1% in high school. There has been a major improvement overall from 2008(10.8%) to 2017(2.0%). However, in 2019, it is in an increasing trend by 3.0% again. This is more than three times higher than the drop-out rate of ordinary South Korean students (0.7% elementary school, 0.7% middle school, 1.6% high school, 0.9% total). Older age, lack of mathematical skill, and more responsibilities in the weaker household environment were some of the difficulties that led to the higher drop-out rate among defectors.

Most of the North Korean defector students receiving lessons from PSCORE have come to South Korea alone or with one parent. As they transfer to South Korean schools and begin their education with younger students, North Korean students feel the necessity to catch up as soon as possible. Even if they have already finished education in North Korea, they are overwhelmed by the competitiveness of South Korean education. Despite this fact, most North Korean defector students miss years of education because the process of escaping North Korea takes a significant amount of time. Thus, it has become necessary to provide a supplemental education service for them.

Students who wish to participate in PSCORE’s education assistance program, are those who aim to complete their mandatory education successfully, and go to university. Through this program, they receive supplementary lessons for desired subjects. The most requested
subject is English, then follows mathematics, Korean, essay writing, computer, other languages, but our program is not limited to these subjects.

Currently, PSCORE is prioritizing our 1:1 tutoring, but our education program also includes “English pronunciation class,” which many North Korean defectors take part in. Moreover, we also organize regular cultural activities for students to explore and share South Korean culture and history with students in their age group.


  • Educate participants to become contributors in the reunification of the Korean peninsula, following the purpose of PSCORE.
  • Increase the academic performance of North Korean defector students by providing them with supplementary education according to the characteristics of North Korean defectors in general school curriculum.


Status from 2007 to 2019
Role Total
Gender Tutoring
in progress
Male Female
Teacher 1735 711 1024 753 23
Student 952 279 673
  1. If there are more teachers than students, one student is being tutored by more than one teacher.
  2. Tutoring completed: The tutoring period between the tutee and tutor has ended.
  3. Tutoring in progress: Teams that are currently participating in tutoring.

Method of education

Teacher-Student sign on participation statement

  • There may be cases in which a teacher/student acts irresponsibly because the program runs as a volunteer program
  • The submission of teacher-student statement ensures responsibility for both parties


  • Student/Teacher agreed to tutoring, but did not show up at the promised time, or unable to be contacted.
  • Bad/inappropriate attitude during tutoring or lack of commitment
  • Postponing lessons constantly or not preparing for lessons properly

Cultural activity

  • Allows teachers and students to gather together once a month to facilitate friendships and experience South Korean cultures.
  • Purpose: Helps to gain diverse knowledge and points of view to promote open-mindedness and varied friendships