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It was not alone.

I am a young man on this earth is not the name.
Did not someone say that to me?
Fate of the hero is.
But my thinking is different.
Or, the fate of his odd, not odd that the division said the country's history.
In other words, I think the history division of the huge TV star, the division of the country and witness an eyewitness who saw the miserable reality, this country is one of the carved bone pain.
Superimposed on the extreme points of tough challenges this kind whenever I unwittingly used to ask me to answer.

"Where are you from, what, why?"
Sometimes I'm all alone to pray even more sad.
"Nobody does not go the road!
When I'm on my way to the inevitable ridicule continuous ...
Everyone has a dream and their dreams, but also dream, not dream of money calculated in the center, we're suggesting that happen to be a stranger to me.
This idea when we reach the pole itself, this way I shall comfort.
"Yes, in a separate legal person each way to go."
I set the way I'm goin 'to go invariably consistent.
, Even though alone.
However, from time round?

"Are you going to create a successful reunification to meet good people a little too, have found not an biroseo alone."
Those who take care of them now, the warm and caring heart as anybody is going to learn.
These guys hang out and how my thinking has also been made aware that was a passive, such ideas are drawn in ways that can be corrected.
Mentioned earlier that they must not assume that all is not right cocked, they have to break the fixed tube concepts hapchyeogal mind when one by one, they gathered their minds gather, 70million to be one of them ... and I say that unity is coming !
I grow a tree of 70 million, the fruit of unity and the seed I want to go learn.
You were not alone anymore, what would you be scared!